Joined by resident Die Hard aficionado and scholar, Savannah, we examine marriage and attempt to find the feminist action hero in 1988’s Die Hard.

Kae sez read this: A Die-Hard’s Guide To ‘Die Hard’: 25 Years Of Sweat, Dirt And Blowing Stuff Up

We implore you to ‚Äútake part in the conversation.” Did you agree/disagree with some of our discussion or arguments? In regards to the Holly’s claiming the McClane name again at the end of the film, do you read this as a regression/redomestification of her feminist character or is it more positive and progressive than that? Perhaps you think it’s something else entirely? Please comment and discuss.

Theme music is “Add 60 Seconds (to the Bechdel Test)” by Kenny Kenny Oh Oh.

“Ode to Joy” arrangement by Garritan Personal Orchestra.

Other audio clips are from “Die Hard”, copyright 1988 20th Century Fox, utilized under fair use.

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