MANSPLAINING 010: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Kae got sick and now Brittny’s in charge and just, man, wow. Our friend and fan of the podcast, Leah, joins us and allegedly we talk about the nature of mankind in 1991’s sci-fi classic, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”.
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Kae and Brittny are putting the bunny back in the box as they watch and consider racial representation, mental health, and the industrial prison system in 1997’s “Con Air”.

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MANSPLAINING 008: Independence Day

After a long hiatus, our mansplaining pals are back. Just in time for America’s birth, Kae and Brittny come to you with 1996’s “Independence Day”.
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It’s time for a transition to the n-n-n-nineties. Kae and Brittny watched True Lies and contemplated evolving views of feminine roles in the family, problematic marital consent, and whether horses belong on elevators.

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The last episode in our original 1980’s action film series! We look at Robocop, and try to come to terms with some of the anxieties of the 80s and how they will transfer over to the 90s. Also, robotic cops!

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MANSPLAINING 005: First Blood

War sucks. Come join us on a friendly romp through the north-Pacific woodlands as we examine mental illness, police militarization, and the Vietnam War in 1982’s First Blood.

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MANSPLAINING 004: Lethal Weapon

We’re getting too old for th– Okay, let’s not run it into the ground. Episode 4 is about mental health, masculinity, and Reagan-era ideals in 1987’s Lethal Weapon.

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Joined by resident Die Hard aficionado and scholar, Savannah, we examine marriage and attempt to find the feminist action hero in 1988’s Die Hard.

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